WayWard Wybes

Wweird arts and sciences thing happening in underutilized spaces "difficult to control or predict because of wilful or perverse behaviour." Contact us to volunteer to the wybes or learn about the artists.


The first ever WayWard happened on 30.8 – 1.9.2018 at the docks of Hernesaari, attracting about 100 visitors to an unused office space (over 300 m2). We are now reviewing other attractive spaces for the next WayWard –– let us know if you have any suggestions, even the weirdest may well do!


WayWard Wybes can be joined by any braveheart artist, especially by those who deal with –– by any metric, weird or visual –– the interplay betweens art and science. WayWard is always free to join, we only expect your good will and helpful hand. WayWard Hernesaari (Aug 2018) included acts by Delia St Claire I (band), Kati Kelo, T. Rantala, Renegade Braun, Harry Salmi, and Tommi /. Vuorenmaa. Also featured Birdie (talk) and Krista Petäjäjärvi (performance). Join us next time!